PRESS RELEASE - Illness Potentially Linked to Long's Retreat Family Resort

On Thursday, July 14, the Highland County Health Department became aware of reports of an unknown illness that has affected a large number of people who had recently visited Long’s Retreat Family Resort, located in Latham, Ohio in Pike County.  Symptoms of this illness include fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. 


The Highland County Health Department is working with Pike County General Health District, the Ohio Department of Health, Ohio EPA, Ohio Department of Agriculture, and Long’s Retreat Family Resort to identify what this illness is, who is potentially at risk, and how we can prevent any further spread of the illness.  At this point we do not know what the specific illness involved in the outbreak is, or how individuals are contracting the illness.  Pike County Health Department is working to test water from the lake, food sources, drinking water, and other areas to determine the source of the outbreak.  


We are encouraging Highland County residents who have visited Long’s Retreat Family Resort since June 1st, 2016, even if you have no symptoms, to contact the Highland County Health Department at (937) 393-1941 to complete an interview.  


If you have not had any symptoms, you can also complete an online survey at 


More information will be provided as it becomes available.  With questions, contact the Highland County Health Department at (937) 393-1941.