The Public Health Nursing Division provides important services to the residents of Highland County.  Each of these programs is designed specifically to improve the health of our community. The Public Health Nursing Division prides itself in continuing to be an active and influential part of the community health care system.

The Infectious Disease Program monitors various infectious diseases that are reported to our agency by health care providers, laboratories, and the community.  Almost 100 infectious diseases are mandated by law to be reported to the health department.  Our Public Health Nursing department monitors and analyzes data of these infectious diseases to identify trends such as increased incidence of disease “clusters" or "outbreaks", changes in medication-resistance disease patterns, and disseminating information derived from data analysis.  Prevention, control, and providing education of infectious diseases is one of the most important aspects of the health department.

Another program, sponsored by the Ohio Department of Health, is The Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH).  The BCMH program is devoted to providing assistance to eligible parents/guardians of children with special needs. A nurse at the health department is available to assist families with the application process, home visits to the child and/or family, and coordinating services.

The Health Department provides immunizations for both children and adults.   Check our clinic schedule for dates, times, locations and cost for immunizations.

The Care-A-Van (CAV) is a unique service provided by the Health Department. The CAV is a mobile unit, providing preventative services to many areas in the community.  Immunizations, laboratory services, blood pressure screenings, and diabetes screenings are just some of the services offered on the Care-A-Van. The Highland County Health Department is proud to be have been one of the first jurisdictions in the state to offer this type of mobile clinic to our community.

These are just a few of the services the Public Health Nursing Division offers to the community.  For a full description of the services available, please take a moment and explore the entire website of the Highland County Health Department, or call and talk to one of our nurses at (937) 393-1941.