The Highland County Board of Health is the authority elected to oversee the activities of the Health Department. The Board meets monthly to discuss public health issues, address future expenditures and activities, determine regulation interpretations and enforcement, and perform other activities relating to community public health. Board minutes can be viewed by contacting the health department.

Current Board members:

Fred Rose: President

Robert McCray: Vice President

John Griffith

John Holt

Dr. Chittimireddy, MD

Health Commissioner

The Highland County Health Commissioner is an individual hired by the Board of Health. The Health Commissioner is the day-to-day director of the Highland County Health Department.

Jared Warner, MEM, RS, is serving as Health Commissioner of the Highland County Health Department.  Jared has a background in environmental science, public health emergency planning, and healthcare emergency planning.  He lives in Leesburg with his wife Bridgette and three daughters.  


Environmental Health Director

Kyle Arn, MS, RS, oversees the Environmental Health Division of the Highland County Health Department. He has led the health department through changes in food safety regulations, developing a health department mapping system, and implementing a new sewage system operation and maintenance program.  Kyle is a Registered Sanitarian in Ohio, actively involved in the Ohio Environmental Health Association, the Ohio Onsite Wastewater Association, and other environmental health organizations.  


Director of Nursing

Karen Vanzant, RN, oversees the programs of the Public Health Nursing Division.  Karen has led the Health Department through the addition of insurance billing, enrolled the organization in Medicaid Administrative Claiming, and many other programs.  Karen and her staff have worked to organize free and reduced-cost clinics for vision, hearing, mammograms, immunizations, and many more.  She is actively involved in increasing and improving the health of the residents of Highland County.


Annual Reports:

2014 Annual Report