Nuisance Complaint Investigator

The Highland County Health Department employs a part-time Nuisance Complaint Investigator whose job encompasses the following :

  • Investigate and enforce solid waste and sewage nuisance regulations
  • Educate the community on the importance of the proper solid waste and sewage disposal.
  • Document nuisances with written reports, photographs, etc.
  • Issuing Notice of Violation orders and other letters
  • Receive and process nuisance reports from the public, elected officials, and partner agencies.
  • Appear in court as needed to support prosecution of nuisances

This role is vital to the health and safety of the residents in Highland County.  If you know of a potential nuisance in your area or around Highland County please complete a Nuisance Complaint form (below) and return to the Highland County Health Department-Nuisance Complaint Investigator.

Click here if you would like to access the Nuisance Complaint form.