2016 Community Health Assessment Released

2016 Highland County Community Health Assessment

Appendix A - HCCAO Community Health Report  - April 2016

Appendix B - Pride Survey Executive Summary.pdf

Appendix C - Highland_County_The_Health_of_Our_Community

Appendix D - OH-appalachian-children-crossroads

This report and its attachments provide a picture of how Highland County is performing in many key health areas.  What health areas do we do well in?  What do we struggle with?  How do we evaluate our own health?  These and other questions were posed to both health providers and the general public in order to help to describe our community's health.  Read the report for the results of this exciting survey.

The results from this assessment will be used to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  The CHIP takes the health issues that we face as a community and puts some key goals and long term objectives in place for how we are going to work together, as a community, and work to improve them.  

Please contact the health department with any questions.