Body Art

The Highland County Health Department regulates all body art (tattoo and body piercing) establishments in Highland County.  Any individual who is operating a body art parlor must be approved and inspected by the Health Department prior to operation.

Body art operations are required to follow some very strict regulations in order to assure the safety of the public.  Main regulations deal with hand washing, needle handling, record keeping, age limitations, and sterilization procedures.

For information regarding body art establishments, license requirements, license fees, or other areas concerning this program, contact the Highland County Health Department, Environmental Health Division.


Campgrounds and RV Parks

The Highland County Health Department is responsible for inspecting and monitoring resident & day campsand campgrounds for health and safety issues. Sanitarians look for physical hazards, building safety, proper water and sewage disposal, spacing requirements, playground safety, and other public health issues.

These various camp and park issues have many requirements and rules which are similar, but many rules are specific to individual camp types. Please contact the Highland County Health Department for more information on various rules and regulations regarding the various camp types.


Manufactured Home Parks

As of December 1, 2012, manufactured home parks(MPH) located within Highland County are regulated and inspected by the Ohio Manufactured Home Commission (OMHC).

A manufactured home park is defined as any tract of land upon which 3 or more manufactured homes used for habitation are parked. All parcels of land meeting this description are, by definition, licensable manufactured home parks.  If you are planning to start a MHP, you will need to contact the OMHC for their requirements. The OMHC website also posts links to the current rules and regulations that govern MHPs throughout the State of Ohio.

Complaints regarding MHPs located in Highland County can be directed to the OMHC via phone, e-mail, mail or fax.


Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission

5100 Parkcenter Ave, Suite 103

Dublin, Ohio 43017

Office phone: 614-734-6010          Fax: 614-734-6012

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it OMHC website:

Permits and inspections for Highland County:


Public Swimming Pools

The Highland County Health Department Swimming Pool Safety Program regulates public swimming pools. A public swimming pool is defined as any indoor or outdoor structure, chamber, or tank containing a body of water for swimming, diving, or bathing, but does not include a private residential pool. Sanitarians inspect the pool and associated locker/bathroom facilities for physical hazards, safety procedures, and chemical levels.

Pool operators regularly monitor chemical levels, perform maintenance, monitor swimmer safety, record injury, vomit, fecal, and other incidents, and perform many other important safety functions to ensure proper pool operation.


School Inspections

The Highland County Health Department School Inspection Program is responsible for assisting schools in ensuring student and employee safety.  Sanitarians inspect the physical facility condition, playground equipment safety, restroom conditions, and other areas dealing with school health and safety. The kitchen is inspected as well, but it is licensed through the Food Safety Program.

Complaints regarding safety issues in schools should be made to the Highland County Health Department, Environmental Health Division.