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The Mission of the Highland County General Health District is to provide public health services that promote, protect, and improve community and environmental health.  



The Environmental Health Division works on a variety of public health programs that support a safe food supply, clean water, and safe communities. 

Environmental Health›

Public Health


The Public Health Nursing works to provide health education, disease monitoring, immunizations, and many other nursing and public health services to the community.  

Public Health Nursing

Vital Statistics / Birth and Death Records


The Vital Statistics Division manages birth, death, and other statistical health related information for Highland County.  This division also provides birth and death certificates to the public.  

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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Planning is an important part of the work being done at the Highland County Health Department.  This program tracks new diseases, plans for emergencies in Highland County and the region, maintains emergency supplies for community response efforts, and perform many other important planning efforts in the county.

Emergency Planning