The Environmental Health Division of the Highland County Health Department is responsible for the administration of many programs, including the following:

Food service and food establishment licensing and inspection, including restaurants, school cafeterias, food concessions, grocery stores, and vending machines. This office also investigates food borne illness complaints.

Household sewage treatment, with this office being responsible for the siting, design, permitting, and approval of systems for new development and for upgrades and repairs for existing homes. This division reviews and approves new lot proposals, and registers sewage system installers and septage haulers.

Private water systems are sited, permitted, and approved through this office. Water samples are collected from new and existing systems in order to determine safety, and potable water haulers are registered and inspected.

Recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds are licensed and inspected, including resident camps.

Manufactured home parks are licensed and inspected, including individual home tie-downs and blocking.

All public swimming pools are licensed and inspected, including special use pools.

All Highland County school facilities are inspected for environmental safety at least twice per year.

Nuisance complaints are received and investigated.

Tattoo and body piercing facilities are approved and inspected.

For additional information concerning the Environmental Health Division, please call 937-393-1941.